Erik Jon Slangerup has been writing, drawing, and telling stories for a long time—and he makes some pretty good sound effects when he does.

A father of five, Erik recognized that good parenting was hard long before cell phones, job-creep, multi-screening, and continuous interruptions—and believes that with so many distractions it’s even tougher now to find time for the things that matter, like storytime. So he wanted to make something that gave busy parents (like himself) more chances to read aloud throughout the day—and something that would allow our phones to foster a connection with the people right next to us in the same way they do with those who are miles away.

In 2015, Erik partnered with two friends, Adam Bergman and Zach Overholser, to co-create StorySnacker, which was released on the App Store in 2017.

Erik’s published books include Dirt Boy, Monsterlicious, and Santa and Me. Dirt Boy was a Children’s Choices 2001 designee, and a recipient of the Volunteer State Book Award. It has been translated overseas, adapted for the stage, and once inspired a young reader from Alaska to jump into a mud puddle.
True story.

You can read more about Erik’s work here.