How do I use the app?

It’s super easy. When a free moment pops up and you reach for your phone, instead of checking your inbox, just: 1) tap the StorySnacker icon, 2) scroll the collection of snack-size stories, 3) pick one, 4) read aloud to your child, and 5) enjoy the connection.

What exactly is a “snack-size” story?

Each story is written to exactly 160 words, which takes the average reader just 1 minute to read aloud at a normal pace. And each is accompanied by a single illustration that comes to life as you read—for a true 1-minute storytime experience.

What’s wrong with regular-size stories?

Absolutely nothing. We’re big fans of traditional books. StorySnacker is not intended to replace regular storytime, but to complement it. (Think of traditional books as the “meals” of storytelling, and these as the tide-me-over “snacks” in between.)

Where’s the best place to share a snack-size story?

You get to decide. Wherever you have your phone and a free moment with your child: the check-out line, waiting room, bus stop, airport, barbershop, restaurant lobby, tree house, pillow fort, park bench, etc. Make storytime anywhere.

What age is StorySnacker for?

The app is designed to be read aloud to children ages 2-8, by adults of all ages. (Most pediatricians suggest holding off on screen time until the age of 2, and so do we.)

Hey, what about Android?

Sorry! StorySnacker is currently only available in the App Store—we had to start somewhere—but plans are underway for an Android version in the near future, so sit tight!

Should I worry about too much screen time?

Technology can be really positive when it’s balanced with adult interaction. So we mostly worry about too much screen time alone. There are already plenty of hand-off apps for kids. But StorySnacker is different. It requires an adult to read aloud. That’s how meaningful connections are made. See what else the author has to say about technology and parenting on his NPR interview here.

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